Brokers for Change is a loan brokerage service that ensures a part of the money usually reserved for the lending provider is redirected to charity.

The service was founded by Stephen O’Reilly-Nugent, a financial loan expert, who has worked as a mortgage broker for almost 20 years.

Stephen became a broker after he experienced first hand the lack of service provided by the bank he had been a customer with for 20 years; competing with other banks on rates, but doing little to guide the customer through the journey of purchasing, ownership and repayment.

As a homeowner and property investor himself, Stephen is particularly passionate about helping families and individuals improve their wealth. He is committed to helping clients understand loans and structure and how to repay their debt quickly.

Having helped many Australians arrange finance to purchase their own homes, Stephen had the idea to use his business to help Australians who have no home at all.

A New Zealander by birth and an Australian resident of 25 years, Stephen became an Australian citizen in 2014. He is a husband and father to 2 beautiful children, an enthusiastic rugby supporter, and an impartial AFL fan.

I want to be part of an enterprise, something much bigger than me, that makes contributions to our community and the lives of those less fortunate.

Are you a Mortgage Broker? Do you feel passionate about helping others?

Homelessness in Australia

Help us help those without a home

Almost 90% of Australians believe homelessness is an issue.

Yet people were split about the actual numbers of homeless.

The actual number is much higher than people realise.

The latest census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed the number of homeless people in Australia jumped by more than 14,000 from 2011 to 2016.   On census night, 116,000 people were homeless in Australia, representing 50 people for every 10,000.

Why are we different

We believe no one should be without a safe and secure place to call home.
We work to support people who are homeless or at risk, And work to end homelessness in Australia

We believe everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home.

We work to raise funds and awareness to bring about change for people experiencing homelessness or at risk.

We keep it grassroots, we keep it local.
We seek out, support and partner with small organizations and projects, in the communities where funds are raised.

Banks our brokers use


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