Open for Business: covid-capable + isolation-enabled

Hi everyone, it’s Stephen here – Founder of Brokers for Change.

In the midst of all of this uncertainty and chaos, I wanted to share that Brokers for Change is covid-capable, and isolation-enabled. That is to say, it’s business-as-usual and if you need us, I am here for you. I do hope you and your families are safe. 


You don’t need to wear a mask, load up on hand-sanitiser or leave your house to get a loan approved. We’ll hold our discussions via video or phone, collate all details via an Online Fact Find, and can sign documentation online using E-Sign. Yep, we’re turbo-charged with technology and our platforms are built so we can help clients efficiently at any time, from anywhere!

Banks are fighting for your business, and we’re your negotiator

We’re in regular communication with banks and lenders staying across their changing requirements. Let me help you navigate this new landscape.

How can we help you?

While we’re heading more and more into isolation, this could be the perfect time to focus on your finances – from the comfort of your couch. Reach out and we’ll book a video or phone call this week to discuss: 

  • Has your situation changed? How can we help you navigate any tough times?
  • Understand your rights under your mortgage for such things as ‘repayment holidays’ when in times of distress or default.
  • Refinance options to take advantage of the new RBA rate drops. 
  • Repricing to see if your current lender can offer you a better deal.
  • Understand your redraw facilities. What is or is not available and what other access to credit do you have?
  • Make use of your offset accounts to reduce interest costs and store any excess funds.
  • Possibly reduce your repayments back to the minimum if you are paying more than required (a temporary strategy).
  • In the market? Let’s get you pre-approved to take advantage of the market. 
  • Understand the equity in your property. We can arrange a valuation.

Don’t follow the herd

This could be a great time to pounce. Our promise to you is that we’ll continue to offer quality, accessible expertise even while we’re in quarantine. 

We’re virtual and available for you during this time – but always your local broker! As always, if you have any questions, we’re only an email away.

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