With almost 450,000 home loans being signed off a year, a 20% commission split from each loan diverted to charity has the potential to make a huge impact.

If you’re currently working as a Mortgage Broker, you’re welcome to join Brokers for Change and help
with the community response to homelessness. With Broker services fast becoming the
preferred pathway to loans, Brokers for Change is well placed to make a difference. Review our
current Member Listing to see why our brokers chose to work with Brokers for Change.

Majority of all mortgages are now undertaken by Brokers

Broker Satisfaction

51% of Broker customers report to be very satisfied, as opposed to 38% of direct to lender.

32% of broker customers ranked their broker 9 or 10 out of 10 compared to 20% for customers who went direct to lender.


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